our team

our team


The company is headed by Mr. Sam De Silva who has had 24 years of valuable experience with the Singapore Police Force, principally with its Crime Investigations Department. He has been serving clients in a private security industry for more than 21 years, with the hands on approach dealing with client security matters. With an eagle eye on details and a passion for Security, he is constantly seeking enhanced security solutions to serve his Clients.


All Security Officers are licensed by the Police Licensing Regulatory Department (PLRD), after thorough criminal screening and compulsory security training.

We conduct pre-employment interviews to ensure that all our security personnels are suffciently skilled, qualified and are a good fit for our agenciey and clients..

Each Security Officer has substantial security background either through previous employment with the Police, the military, CISCO or the private security industry.

Our security officers are regularly trained, in-house and externally through WSQ Courses. This includes fire safety and emergency procedures, proper incident report writing, checklist proceedings on equipment and vehicles, customer relations (public-relation etiquette), basic first-aid training and handling disorderly conduct among visitors in a calm and firm manner.


The Operations Supervisor is in charge of all security officers (fulltime/relief) attached to the clients. He is not only a man on the ground, but acts as an advisor and go-between on security matters involving the Client. The Operations Supervisor would conduct regular checks at the clients' premises to monitor the security officers' performance, equipment and the premises. We would submit regular feedback/updates on security issues at the client premises and incident/investigation reports when necessary.


We also have a pool of experienced retired police officers with investigation experience who are at the disposal of our Clients to investigate and solve issues strictly related to security provisions such as pilferage. The unit is personally headed by a Senior Investigator and his team of investigators experienced in solving company-related crimes, which the police will not investigate. The officers work undercover and are effective because the regular security guards in our company do not know their identities. Our clients will have exclusive usage of this service at a reasonable charge.